Thailand finally has a new Supreme Patriarch again after more than 3 years. His Holiness was confirmed by His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Rama X of Thailand on 12.02.2017 at 17:00 hours local time. The 20th Supreme Patriarch is his Holiness Somdej Phra Maha Munee Wong (Amporn Amparo), abbot of the Wat Ratchabophite Sathit Mahasimaram Ratcha Wora Maha Viharn in the Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok.
††† We mourn for our beloved king and father of the country †††
Today, on the 13th of October, at 3:52 pm local time, died our beloved king and father of the country, King Bhumibol in the Sirirat Hospital Bangkok after severe illness.
His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama 9 of Thailand was the longest reigning monarch in the world. Now we are in deep mourning at this great loss, but he will forever have a place in our hearts and we will always remember with love to him.

Luang Phu Kambu Amulet Set Kammagarn - Collectors EditionThai Amulet Set Kammagarn (Special Edition) Ruun Mongkoln Nakkarath from the venerable Luang Phu Kambu Kutangtachitang Toh, abbot of Wat Kut Chom Phu, Tambon Kut Chom Phu, Amphoe Phibun Mangsahan, Isaan, Changwat Ubon Ratchathani, north-east Thailand from Saturday the 12/14/2556 (2013). This is the last amulet series of the venerable Luang Phu Kambu only two month later he passed away on Tuesday the 2/11/2557, at 14:51 o'clock local time in the age of 91 years, 11 month, 3 weeks and 3 days and after 71 Phansa as a Monk. Luang Phu Kambu created the amulet-set in a numbered mini series of only 399 pieces. here the amulet-set with the number 398 is offered.
$ 448.75

19 % VAT incl. 

RARITY - LOGGET THAI AMULET LUANG TA MAHA BUAThai Amulet Logget Luang Ta Maha Bua Ruun Schaak Thuepp See Lueang from the venerable Luang Ta Maha Bua Yanna Sampanno (Phra Thamma Visutthi Mongkoln), while he still alive abbot of Wat Pha Ban Thad, Ban Thad, Tambon Ban Thad, Amphoer Mueang, Changwat Udonthani, from the year BE 2543 (2000). The venerable Luang Ta Maha Bua created the the amulet in a mini series of only  199 Stück.
$ 280.05

19 % VAT incl. 

Gilded Phra Phutta Chinarat Buddha Thai Amulet from 1997

Phra Phutta Chinarat Nuea Chup Thong (gilded) Ruun Tae Thong Loo Phra Prathan Bot, Thai Buddha amulet from the venerable Luang Pho Piuw (Phra Khru Pawana Wisutthi), abbot of Wat Khao Sompod, Tambon Buachum, Amphoe Chai Badan, Changwat Lopburi, Thailand, from the year B.E.2540 (1997).

$ 88.85

19 % VAT incl. 

Original Luang Pho Pern Statue Lersi Hua Suea from 3/14/2002

Original Lersi Hua Suea Ruun Wai Khru 2545 statue from the venerable Luang Pho Pern, in his lifetime abbot of Wat Bang Phra, Ban Kaew Fa, Nakhon Chaisri, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand from the 3/14/2545 (2002). The statue comes from a numbered small series of only 499 pieces. Here the statue with the serial number 125 is offered. The statue was created and consecrated by Luang Pho Pern while still alive.

$ 898.63

19 % VAT incl. 

Thai Amulet Phra Kring in handmade silver dimension casingPhra Gring Ruun Khotchawat Ruun 2 Chalong Phra Chon Aju 100 Phansa Nuea Nawa Thai Amulet from his holiness, the 19th Supreme patriarch of Thailand, Somdej Phra Sangkarat (Somdej Phra Yanasangwon Nyanasamvara Phra Somdej Sangkarat) from Wat Bowornivet (briefly Wat Bowon), Khet Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand, from Thursday the 10/3/2556 (2013). It concerns a numbered small series of only 1.999 amulets. Here the amulet with the serial number 413 is offered.

The amulet is in a handmade and watertight silver dimension casing which was made by our goldsmith and silversmith completely in manual labour.

The amulet was awarded only to people who had reserved and paid this up to the 8/23/2013 in the Wat Bowon. It is the last amulet series from his holiness Somdej Phra Sangkarat, only 21 days after his 100th birthday he passed away.
$ 448.75

19 % VAT incl. 

Thai Buddha Statue of Wat Bowon Bangkok B.E. 2539 (1996)Phra Pairee Pinat Ruun 50 Pii Rama IX Nuea Loha Rom Dam Buddha Statue from his holiness the 19. Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara (Phra Somdet Sangkarat) from the Wat Bowornivet (also Wat Bowon), Amphoe Banglampoo, Bangkok, Thailand, from the 5712/2539 (1996). It concerns a numbered small series of only 999 statues. Here the statue with the serial number 324 is offered.

Please, note that this concerns a real temple Buddha and not an adornment object! Accordingly respectful the statue should be treated and be put up at an adequate place.
$ 898.63

19 % VAT incl. 


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