Magic Nam Man Sanee Charming Oil from Ajahn Kom Dreiwet

Magic oil Nam Man Sanee Nam Ta Haeng Takrut Ngern 2 Dok Thai amulet from the venerable Ajahn Kom Dreiwet Oomthong, Arsom Baramee Pho Kae, Ban Makham Riang, Tambon Bang Kung, Amphoe Mueang, Changwat Suphanburi, Thailand from the year B.E. 2562 (2020).

54,99 EUR

19 % VAT incl. 

Kuman Dud Rok consecrated on 12 graves Thai Amulet

Kuman Thong Dud Rok Nüa Din Chae Nham Man "Ruun Ud Din 7 Pahchaa Fang Takrut Ngoen" Thai Amulet from the venerable Luang Phu Naen Kampeero, abbot of Wat Ban Kaset Thung Sedthie, Tambon Waeng, Amphoe Phoon Thong, Changwat Roi Et, Isan, north-east Thailand.

The amulet exists of an mix earth of 7 different cemeteries as well as a silver Takrut (Pali scroll). The amulet was consecrated three times, during a total of 33 days. It was consecrated among other things on Thursday, the 10/16/2551 (2008), at 0:00 o'clock local time by Luang Pho Naen on a cemetery (Pahchaa) on 12 graves up to the break of dawn.

79,00 EUR

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Nang Kwak Thai Temple Statue partial giltPartial gilt Nang Kwak Thai Temple Statue from the venerable Luang Pho Kaweerat (Phra Khru Samut Kaweerat), abbot of Wat Satthayalai, Ban Had Nang Rum, Tambon Plutaluang, Amphoer Sattahip, Changwat Chonburi, Thailand, from the year BE 2550 (2009).
119,00 EUR

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Consecrated Phra Bucha Thai Buddha Statue Luang Pho Ban Laem

Consecrated Thai Buddha Statue - Phra Bucha Luang Pho Ban Laem Buddha statue Nuea Thong Daeng Loha from the venerable Luang Phi Kaweerat (Phra Khru Samut Kaweerat), abbot of Wat Satthayalai and the Holistic meditation Centre, Ban Had Nang Rum, Tambon Plutaluang, Amphoer Sattahip, Changwat Chonburi, Thailand, from 2004.

99,00 EUR

19 % VAT incl. 

Original Thai Monks Robe - Phaa Trai Thai monk´s garment s

7-part Phaa Trai – Thai monk's garment set

The set exists of an undergarment, an outer garment, a shoulder cloth, a belt and three differently big cloths.

89,00 EUR

19 % VAT incl. 

Luang Phu Kambu Amulet Set Kammagarn - Collectors EditionThai Amulet Set Kammagarn (Special Edition) Ruun Mongkoln Nakkarath from the venerable Luang Phu Kambu Kutangtachitang Toh, abbot of Wat Kut Chom Phu, Tambon Kut Chom Phu, Amphoe Phibun Mangsahan, Isaan, Changwat Ubon Ratchathani, north-east Thailand from Saturday the 12/14/2556 (2013). This is the last amulet series of the venerable Luang Phu Kambu only two month later he passed away on Tuesday the 2/11/2557, at 14:51 o'clock local time in the age of 91 years, 11 month, 3 weeks and 3 days and after 71 Phansa as a Monk. Luang Phu Kambu created the amulet-set in a numbered mini series of only 399 pieces. here the amulet-set with the number 398 is offered.
399,00 EUR

19 % VAT incl. 

Magic See Pueng Sanee Raeng Gamma Suth Love Thai AmuletMagic See Pueng Mon Saneh Maha Phud Ruun Saneh Saen Mon Thai amulet from the venerable Kruba Thamma Munee Thidha Thammo, abbot of the Suan Pha Phutta Sathan Su Pradit Methee, Tambon Nakhaa, Amphoe Wabe Pathum, Changwat Mahasarakam, Isan, north-east Thailand. Kruba Thamma Munee created only 99 pieces of this See Pueng!
179,00 EUR

19 % VAT incl. 

Buddha Thai Amulet Phra Somdej Luang Pho Heng BE 2536Buddha Thai Amulett Phra Somdej Luang Pho Heng Ruun Fang Luug Nimit 36, Nuea Pong, from the venerable Phra Khru Sakorn Thamma Sothon, abbot of Wat Sopanaram (Bankhoom), Amphoer Mueang Samut Sakorn, Changwat Samut Sakorn, Thailand, from the year BE 2536 (1994).
99,00 EUR

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Protective Thai Amulet from LP Pian 3 months consecrated

Singha Thai amulet Nuea Naa Chang, from the venerable Luang Pho Pian Akkathammo, during his lifetime abbot of Wat Gernkathin, Amphoe Baan Mi, Changwat Lopburi, Thailand, from the year B.E. 25348 (2005). Luang Pho Pian created it in a small series of only 99 Amulets.

189,00 EUR

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