Than Lersi Thai Amulet from Wat Phra Phutta Chai Saraburi

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Than Lersi Thai Amulet from Wat Phra Phutta Chai Saraburi
Than Lersi Thai Amulet from Wat Phra Phutta Chai Saraburi

Than Lersi Thai Amulet from Wat Phra Phutta Chai Saraburi
Than Lersi Thai Amulet from Wat Phra Phutta Chai Saraburi
Than Lersi Thai Amulet from Wat Phra Phutta Chai Saraburi
Than Lersi Thai Amulet from Wat Phra Phutta Chai Saraburi

Phra Lersi Thai amulet from the venerable Luang Pho Pradit Thitameytho (Phra Suthee Waraporn), abbot of Wat Phra Phutta Chai, Ban Phra Phutta Chai, Tambon Nong Pla Lai, Amphoe Mueang, Saraburi, Thailand.

The Phra Phutta Chai is one of the holiest and most mystic places in Thailand. The temple lies on the foot of the Khao Pathawi (mountain). Already before or for over 1,000 years Than Lersis have held their mysterious rituals and ceremonies in a cave of the today's temple. This is shown by a more than 1,000 year-old Lersi statue which stands beside the entrance in the cave. Still today sometimes Lersis come around which hold there especially mighty rituals to create amulets, magic oils and balms as well as medicine.

Besides a footprint of Buddha is in the temple. But the holiest is to be seen on a rock face, there is the shade of Buddha!

Buddha instructed there the hunter Khataga and, thereby, threw a shadow on the mountain which has manifested itself inexplicably in the rock. Buddha's presence at this place is emphasized by prehistoric rock paintings which show animals, hands and Buddha.

The Wat with its cave and the shadow of Buddha every year attract ten thousands of pilgrims, because it is believed to be proven that a visit, a stone or an amulet gives luck, averts a calamity and lets sick people recover. Indeed, a perceptible recovery from the suffering is already celebrated by the population as "a miracle healing".

King Chulalongkorn Rama V of Siam visited the Wat four times and also immortalised himself on the rock face. His majesty visited Wat Phra Phutta Chai in the years 1860, 1885 (twice) and 1896.

Also his Majesty king Bhumibol Rama 9 of Thailand and queen Sirikit visited the Wat Phra Phutta Chai in the 11/3/1973, on the occasion of the Thod Kathin ceremony and handed to the monks new robes and other gifts. Then they also immortalised themselves on the rock face.

The amulet offered here was created by the venerable Luang Pho Pradit from old holy metals from the Wat and the closer surroundings and was consecrated afterwards in the Ubosoth, in the Lersi cave and in front of the shade of Buddha.

It shows the Lersi from the cave with the stroke "Phra Lersi" on the front. The back shows the Ubosoth of Wat Phra Phutta Chai, with the stroke "Phra Phutta Chai Amphoe Mueang Changwat Saraburi".

The amulet is in a silvery metal casing, height approx. 4.1 cm, width approx. 2.4 cm, thickness approx. 1.1 cm and weight approx. 12 grammes.

The amulet protects its wearer against illness, accident and misfortune. It gives luck, health and should help sick persons to become healthy again. It mobilises reserves and gives mental strength as well as willpower. It should give to people who are active in the farthest sense in the sales area and consultation area good turnovers and profits.

Luang Pho Pradit was born in the 8/12/2502 (1959) in the Tambon Nong Kham, Amphoe Sriracha, Changwat Chonburi, Thailand.

His parents are Mr. Dokmai and Mrs. Samniang Inthorn Prasath.

At the age of 13 years, in the 3/29/2515 (1972) he ordained in Wat Kunthi Than, Tambon Klong Kiaw, Amphoe Ban Bueng, Changwat Chonburi, Thailand to the novice (Buat Naen).

9 years later, at the age of 22 years, he ordained in the 6/28/2524 (1981) in Wat Bueng Woora Sathid, Tambon Ban Bueng, Amphoe Ban Bueng, Changwat Chonburi, Thailand to the monk (Buat Phra).

Short time later he changed to Wat Phra Phutta Chai where he assumed in 1993 the office of the abbot. 5 years later he was appointed the acting Chao Kana (religious head) of the Amphoe Mueang, Changwat Saraburi. Then in 2003 he assumed the office of the Chao Kana.

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